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I've gradually refined my method of running this website and posting, in no part as a result of reading A plea for baked blogs and prompted by an article on Egg Freckles in praise of RapidWeaver. My particular method allows mobile posting, and does not require a DropBox sync as with Second Crack. It's relatively easy to post images as well, all of which are hosted directly on my server.

OK, Stacey does use a lightweight php installation on your server, but everything is .txt file based (written using Markdown syntax generally) so I can write from wherever. When mobile blogging, the thumbnail is cropped in Photos and resized when uploaded with FTP On The Go, or resized in TiltShift with or without processing.

iOS Apps:

iMac Apps:

Stacey is very adaptable and to my mind has a number of advantages over some other blogging tools, one major one is that it does the article page linking and I've easily worked out the geo-referencing for articles.

As a final note, I will put a shout out to, looks a very interesting, hassle free DropBox development.