Just thinking that it's over two years since I last picked up a paint brush, and I haven't missed it.

This is one of the last I did - they were following a new style - but my thoughts are now turning back to photography, which I was interested in long before I started painting.

5now walking - acrylic on panel

Ah, that server downtime this mroning would explain this:

503 Service Unavailable

and perhaps why my saved follows, didn't.

Now I've sorted the issue with the timestamp of my feed, this blog feed to micro.blog is (to me) a satisfactory way of preserving the IndieWed v ephemeral balance.

Blog posts are kept on my own server and RSS deals with the delivery to micro.blog, which doesn't keep them as posts, but does enter them to the timeline. Bluesky openRSS feeds behave the same way.

This is whay I suggested to @manton a middle ground timeline only subscription for around $2-$3, but I'm happy to keep on with doing it this way - even if @Edent@mastodon.social has devised a devilishly clever single PHP file (which I won't be able to stop myself looking at).

Great service really by micro.blog 👏

New auto timestamp for the benefit of micro.blog

In all this ActivityPub ATProtocol to-ing and fro-ing, the major factor that influences me is Mastodon's ability to save and restore your position in the timeline.

Gluon does it for micro.blog, therefore a natural choice over there.

Now another little test for the RSS feed sync issue in micro.blog