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A friend Bruce has been working on standardising a Geotagging icon since our discussion started following an article I posted on Map Inspecting, and I think he's come up with a good design - featured in his explanatory article

- I am also thinking Bruce should start a standalone Geotagging icon project page!

You can see what he is setting out to do with the family line-up:

- link to the feed icon site for a full pack.

- link to the OPML project.

- link to the Open Share Icon project.

This has already sparked-off some discussion about the logo (as Bruce hoped it would) and various suggestions for colouration and image type are surfacing. However, I think his first idea (and so often the first idea is the best) of using an earthy brown to identify with it's purpose is a good one, and giving it a slightly metallic bronze tinge, prevents it from becoming muddy and dull when reduced.

Most primary colours have already been associated with prominent icons thus far, this basic brown colour has an identity of it's own, but that's not to say it can't be tweaked yet. So, go to his site and download an icon dev kit which contains all the file types to enable you to have an input. I'm working on a variant now (and trying to get Textpattern to geoblog how I want it to!)