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Simple Automator application, based on AppleScript, that passes-off the RSS to NewsGator Online when using Camino.

OxoRSS2NG Camino

Install this Automator application in your Application folder.

Open Camino, go on Camino>Preferences>General>Default Feed Viewer and choose RSS2NG.

In Camino, when the RSS feed icon shows in the address bar - click on it and choose “Subscribe to” - you will be redirect to your NewsGator Online page for login.

Click in the "Search" box at the bottom of the left column, ⌘v (paste) in the link that has been automatically saved by this script, and when discovered - you will be faced with 2 tabs which represent two wayas of subscribing (if available):

1) Articles Tab will display a Newgator "Subscribe to this search" link logo, click on this to subsribe. (Note: this will show "Your Current URL Search List:" - the feed you just added will probably not at this point be seen in the side bar, but you are subscribed - it is seen next time you go to the NewsGator page);

2) Feeds Tab may display a feed "+ ADD" box (some feeds do not) - Simply click on the link to add feed.

This is based on RSS2BL by Jeby.