Following Kestrels

Thrashing down an area of old grass with a skid mower today - a pair of Kestrels lurking above and in the nearby tree took advantage of the voles revealed. Reminded me of Seagulls following the plough.


All good things come to an end...

and this is what the National Exhibition Wildlife Art will be doing, finishing on a high note after 24 years.

The influence of the internet.

Or perhaps it should be as seems to be the new name for the forthcoming timeline and publishing platform for the open web.

Snippets Today

Looking forward to coming online - will suit this micro blog/feed nicely ;)


Needed to get out and enjoy some seasonal weather, before it all gets completely screwed over #America

Weather change

Gothic Wings

Hello little beastie. Wonder what evolutionary goal drove those gothic wings?

Holly Blue

Pleased to see a Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus


Blips, snippets and micros. Microblogs are cool :)

Luna in the snow